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Scouting program

Bridging an academic and entrepreneurial point of view can be a difficult path. Most health technology developments never reach the patient, often not due to technology failure but due to wrong turns on the pathway from discovery to the market. All of these innovations can significantly advance lives worldwide. At AcexHealth Scouting, we share your goal: we want to help you bring your healthtech invention to the patient! If you have a commercially viable unmet clinical need, protected or protectable asset our objective with the AcexHealth Scouting program is the creation of Startups.

This program has been designed with disruptive biotech and medtech projects in mind. The team of mentors is acquainted with this kind of projects, and what are the main barriers to success. The program has been designed with all this experience in mind. It consists of the following tasks:


Initial analysis of the projects from a clinical and commercial point of view What are their needs in the following stages?
December 2022.


Identify possible sources of funding/investment to be able to pay for the resources needed to carry out the AcexHealth Scouting program and next steps needed for the project or company.
March 2023

In order to ensure this program achieves its maximum impact we also have some requirements:

  • Your business or project is in the fields of life sciences, medical sciences and health sciences, with preference given to the following fields:
    • Life sciences: biomathematics, cell biology, human biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, human physiology, genetics, immunology, microbiology and neurosciences.
    • Medicine and health sciences: clinical sciences, epidemiology, forensic medicine, occupational medicine, internal medicine, nutritional sciences, pathological anatomy, pharmacodynamics, pharmacology, preventive medicine, psychiatry, public health, surgery and toxicology.
    • Health-related artificial intelligence.
    • Health-related engineering
  • Your business or project has certain level of protection (protected or protectable asset)
  • Your business or project is driven by a compelling unmet clinical need that has a commercialization viability.
  • Your commitment throughout the program, starting with filling out the application to the best of your knowledge.
  • The applicants:
    • should be for-profit or non-profit legal entities (e.g. universities, university foundations, research and transfer centers, technology centers, hospitals, hospital foundations and for-profit or non-profit institutions whose main activity is research and of Andalusian scope).
    • must be owners or co-owners of the assets protected or susceptible to protection as a result of their research and which, in turn, are the object of the valorization plan.
    • The same beneficiary may submit more than one application, provided that they are linked to different protected or protectable assets resulting from different research projects
  • We will help you out where required, even with filling in the application if needed.

Acexhealth Accelerator – Challenges

  • There are limited knowledgeable and globally experienced resources in Andalucía in the health technology space
  • Early decisions in projects/start-ups can be highly debilitating to or kill a promising and impactful technology or make it uninvestable
  • There is a need to make health technology projects/start-ups in Andalucia more competitive with start-ups from other areas for funding
Let us help you bring your invention to life!

Actuación del Campus de excelencia cofinanciadas por la Unión Europea a través del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER) y la Consejería de Economía, Conocimiento, Empresas y Universidad, Junta de Andalucía.

Proyecto Singular ILIBERIS: Actuaciones Singulares de Transferencia de Conocimiento en el CEI BIOTIC.

Marco por el que se impulsa el desarrollo de Proyectos Singulares de actuaciones de transferencia en los Campus de Excelencia Internacional en las áreas de la Estrategia de Investigación e Innovación para la Especialización Inteligente de Andalucía (RIS3) con cargo al Programa Operativo FEDER 2014-2020 de Andalucía.