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LentiStem Biotech S.L

Precision gene therapy for cancer immunotherapy


LentiStem Biotech is a platform-based company who developed therapeutic vectors for improving xisting strategies against cancer immunotherapy, with special emphasis on CAR-T cell therapy. LentiStem was born from Francisco Martin’s group, with more than 30 years of experience in the field of gene and cell therapy. We have two proprietary technology platforms for controlling the transgene expression to provide an optimal control of the CAR-T cell’s activity: TCR-like and Lent-On-Plus. 

  • Our first platform, TCR-like, is a synthetic system designed to express the CAR (the transgene) in the context of a viral vector, by mimicking the physiological behavior of the T-cell receptor interaction. This behavior improves the fitness of CAR-T cells and prevents overstimulation as demonstrated in our in vivo and regulatory proof-of-concept against aggressive Burkitt’s lymphoma. These results have been the key for the approval of public and independent clinical trial which will be performed by the ISCIII institution against refractory lymphoma patients.
  • Our second platform, Lent-On-Plus (LOP), is a first-in-class synthetic gene expression system and only one favored for clinics (works without transactivators) which provides a fine-tuned external control, by the administration of an innocuous drug (Doxycycline, Dox). LOP is ideal to generate robust and stable Advanced Therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) and can be used for multiple applications and functionalities (externally controlled CAR-T cells, tumor infiltrating lymphocytes, Tregs, other therapeutic cells). LOP can be easily engineered to control the expression of different proteins, DNA or RNAs. As therapeutic proof-of-concept, we have designed Lent-On-Plus to control IL-18 upon orally-Dox administration and this has provided in vitro and in vivo improved efficacy against a metastatic model of lymphoma and pancreatic cancer only after the Dox administration. We expect to start the regulatory phase this year.
  • Both platforms synergize with every CAR-T design which make leading CAR-T developers as our ideal partners. 
  • We have four patents that cover our two platforms and freedom-to-operate (analysis performed by Hoffman Eitle on nov 2021). 
  • Our business model is based on license agreements and/or a percentage on sales of the ATMP that include our platforms. 
  • Our team is highly committed and science passionate, that joined gene therapy, biotech and management with the mission to push our technologies to bedside of the patients, for safer and more efficient therapies in collaboration with our partners from hospitals and public institutions.

Current needs

We are looking for strategic partners who can help us (guidance and economically) to reach the different phase I clinical trials.

In addition, hospitals, research groups and CAR-T developers’ companies that want to evaluate our technologies in their advanced therapeutic strategies are also our target.

Meet the team

PhD-Main Founder and President of the Advisory Board

MBA.-Co-founder and CEO

PhD.-Co-founder and CSO

MSC- Manager of R&D



Co-founder and advisor

Co-founder and CAO

MBA- Co-founder







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