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AcexHealth Investment

Detection and profiling of potential local, national and international investors


Transforming Andalusian Startups
into successful enterprises

Health is a vital economic sector, the core of which is innovation. The continued development of the industry is key to ensuring the health and well-being of citizens, while stimulating research and development and contributing to the global competitiveness.

Most innovation in the Health sector is now generated by small and medium-sized enterprises. Innovative SMEs are developing new drugs for life-threatening diseases and health management devices and solutions that significantly improve quality of life and life expectancy. But innovation, particularly in the life sciences, is a long and complex process and requires adequate funding. Turning promising research into commercial products takes significant time and resources, which can deter investors from pursuing life science innovations in favor of lower-risk ventures with faster payback times. This requires a more appropriate investment model to support life sciences innovation during its long development cycle.

AcexHealth Investment will enable less connected innovation ecosystems in health and life science sectors (Biotech& Pharma and Med Tech& Digital Health) to improve their potential to attract relevant sources of investment for the successful exploitation of their innovations and technological developments, whilst increasing the capability of the investment community to successfully invest in the results of these innovations, thereby enabling the growth of world-class innovators .

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If you are interested in investing in the health technology sectors, seeking generous risk appropriate returns, are determined to promote the development of innovative health technologies, please connect with us through the following brief form. We will keep you appraised of all the investment events and news of innovative investment opportunities.

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